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Sunny Leone’s Zodiac Sign and Much More

The Untold Story of Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone’s Zodiac sign is Taurus, and she is also most probably the only successful adult star who became more successful as a mainstream performer. But what is the secret behind her success? Of course, you can Google her as most do as she is one of the most desirable women on the planet. Yet this article will reveal what the majority of blog posts about the untold story of Sunny Leone won’t.

Sunny Leone Astrology

As mentioned earlier Sunny Leone’s Zodiac sign is Taurus, and ironically, she is not the only Taurus to successfully transition to the mainstream. Even though Sunny Leone is the most successful porn to not-porn star, another example is Traci Lords whose palm reading you can watch below.

But Traci Lords’ success level after porn was not as commercially productive as her porno career, just like the majority of porn stars who quit the adult industry. Sunny Leone is the exception to the rule. Sunny Leone’s net worth is a whopping $13 million and she wasn’t even worth a million during her pornographic actress days.

Taurus people are ruled by the Goddess of Beauty and Fertility, Venus. Thus, Taurus women like Sunny Leone, Kelly Clarkson and Amber Heard (in her younger years), are extremely curvy as voluptuous women are traditionally seen as fertile.

Not only does Sunny Leone has a curvaceous figure but she also has children and is living a happy married life with her husband David Weber. Again, majority of pornstars don’t

  1. Transition to a more successful mainstream career.
  2. Have children all their lives.
  3. Have a single long-term marriage.

Sunny Leone has done all three due to her Taurus star sign whose positive attributes include

  1. Success in art-related endeavors as Venus also symbolizes art.
  2. Love sex for fun and making love to bear children.
  3. Are the most loyal sign of the Zodiac.

Sunny Leone Palmistry

It is not necessary that a subject’s dominant astrological planet and palmistry personality type match but every person’s case is unique. For Sunny Leone, both her Zodiac sign and palmistry personality type complement each other. Her sun sign’s dominant planet is Venus while the most prominent mount on her palms is the Venus mount.

This is the reason for her exceptional beauty. She is beautiful astrology and palmistry wise. But palmistry also indicates her unique ethnicity and nationality. Ethnically a Punjabi, nationality-wise she holds dual Canadian-American citizenship, and she also has honorable citizenship of India. Note that her career was launched in Canada, while she attained her initial success in America, but become a worldwide icon after joining the Indian film industry.

Sunny Leone has dual fate lines from the mount of Moon.

Notice the picture above, she has two fate lines from the mount of Moon clearly indicating success in more than one foreign country – in her case – America and India.

Sunny Leone Numerology

Now this is one indication in her psychic profile which is really out of form with the others. Sunny Leone’s Birth Number is 4 which is ruled by Uranus. This shows an extremely hard working and disciplined person. It would bring a bit of pessimism to her extremely optimistic nature, and hence if she were not to find true love in life (luckily she has) she wouldn’t be able to reveal this hidden side of her personality to her soulmate.

Birth Number 4 people also face a lot of opposition in life but like the Saturn-ruled Birth Number 8, if they face these challenges head-on, they attain way more success than the average Birth Number. So, it comes as no surprise that she after so many changes of careers and residences has remained consistently successful.


The above paragraphs show an in-depth look into the untold story of Sunny Leone. As an ending note look at the picture below of the red-marked area on her palm: Her upper mount Mars is extremely strong showing her mental fortitude again the opposition which is a hallmark of the Birth Number 4.

Sunny Leone has a strong upper mount of Mars indicating strong mental strength.
Sunny Leone has a strong upper mount of Mars indicating strong mental strength.

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