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Nicolas Cage on a Budget? It’s Not as Hard as you Think

Nicolas Cage: From Blockbuster Hero to Low-Budget Super Star

Nicolas Cage pictured in 2013.

Nicolas Cage: From Blockbuster Hero to Low-Budget Super Star

Nicolas Cage might not be the blockbuster star he was once. There is something known as the post Oscars curse where Oscar-winning Best Actors and Best Actresses, like Hailey Berry, start in lackluster movies (Catwoman) right after giving the finest performance in their life (Monster’s Ball).

Nicolas Cage broke this notion by not only becoming more successful after winning the Academy Award for Best Actor for Leaving Las Vegas in 1996. But also by becoming an action star with 1996’s The Rock (which is still Michael Bay’s only movie with a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes).

The Downfall Starts

According to my article, Nicolas Cage Palm Reading, the downfall of Cage’s career was round about the same his fate line ended on his head line denoting that 1. A person would become a millionaire by the age of 35 (which he did become). 2. A person’s career might not be as fulfilling as it was before they had entered their mid-30s.

Nicolas Cage Palm Reading

Those too lazy to read the article can check out the video reading of Cage’s palm below.

Nicolas Cage Palm Reading (Video Version)

Prelude to B-Movie Stardom

Despite the memes and countless articles stating that Cage’s career has finished, he has found a reawakening in Hollywood’s low-budget film industry. His latest movies, which could be stated as an unrelated horror trilogy, comprise of (in order of newest release) Willy’s Wonderland, Color Out of Space and Mandy. The latter are most likely to become cult classics in the future.

If we are to note the release date of the last Nicolas Cage wide theatrical release where he played the lead role, it’s the Christian post-apocalyptic film, Left Behind (2014), based on the popular Christian-fiction book series of the same name.

And it was a hit! Despite the majority of Cage’s big-budget films (where he played the main role) in the 2010s flopping at the box, there was certain exceptions to this fact:

Ghost Rider 2 made $132.6 million at the worldwide box office.
Season of the Witch earned $91.6 million globally.

Pre-2014 B-Movies

Cage suffered a number of setbacks which led to him taking roles left and right, but another reason for taking B-movie roles is also because Nicolas Cage must’ve been tired of not being the A-list star he once was. Ironically, with movies like The Frozen Ground and Joe, some of his 2010s low-budget films are actually superior to his high-budget counterparts in the same timeline.

Below I list reviews of the films which serve as a prelude to Nicolas Cage’s eventual and current B-movie career.

Click the image above to read my review titled 90 minutes of my life Stolen.
Click the image above to read my review of Rage (known as Tokarev in European markets).

The Start of Nicolas Cage’s B-Movie Career

Below I list reviews of the films which serve as the starting point to Nicolas Cage’s low-budget journey.

Click the image above to read my review titled The Trust (2016): Another bad Nicolas Cage feature.
Click the image above to read my review of Army of One. Not only is the film’s plot nonsensical but the makers of the film overlooked the fact that Pakistan’s official language is Urdu not Arabic.

Will Nicolas Cage Make a Big-Budget Comeback?

Unbeknownst to most, Nicolas Cage occasionally stars in big-budget films, which have all been box office hits: Snowden, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and The Croods 2.

But note the common denominator between all the afore-mentioned flicks; none of them star Nicolas Cage as the lead character.

So, the real question is will Nicolas Cage make a big-budget live-action lead starring comeback? But does he really need to work harder than he is already? Every year he stars in such a diversity of roles which he might not have ever done before due to contractual commitments.

Upcoming Nicolas Cage Movies to Look Forward to

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