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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood A Novel (Book Review)

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood A Novel (2021) is to lesser a degree a novelization, rather an assortment of erased scenes and film-geek tributes that are extraneously connected to the completed form of the preceding motion picture. While the novel connects the majority of the hi-fi scenes from the source material, they seem forcefully extended. On various occasions, it’s Tarantino enjoying composing a section about dunked up entertainer Aldo Ray – which prompts a notice of Fred Olen Ray (no blood connection), in a stigmatizing tone.

Tarantino plainly has no interest writing a hard copy cut-out of the most dazzling moments from the source material, so he frequently evades them, has them occur behind the scenes or overlooks them totally. The tale never arrives at the original story’s high points (besides in passing).

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In the event that you haven’t seen Once Upon a Time Hollywood: The Movie, this will be a puzzling experience, however on the off-chance that you wish you could dive further into the film’s reality and get sections from a bunch of alternate points of view and extended lengths that are basically high-end movie blog entries, there is a lot to appreciate.

I was astonished to track down that the novel highlights a unique aspect for Rick Dalton (Leo) as far as being an entertainer that isn’t in the film, yet in the photographs on the rear of the book and the “Trailer For The Novel” it’s reasonable those scenes were shot. It bodes well they were cut since it’s a reiteration of a prior sequence (however in more detail), yet it works like adapting classic gangster movies to paper.

Alas, there couldn’t be any wrap-ups to Cliff Booth or Charles Manson, who are both left hanging in the breeze when the last page hits. Cliff Booth’s origin story is particularly captivating in light of the fact that Tarantino does his absolute best to make him an all-out screw-up son of a bitch – so it would have been intriguing to see where he would have wound up in the end.

The Rating: 4 out of 5.

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