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X-Men: Mutant Empire Omnibus (1997) Review

A Marvel Omnibus of Novels written by Christopher Golden

I didn’t fancy Christopher Golden’s X-Men: Codename Wolverine (1998) that much (which actually takes place after this trilogy) but his X-Men: Mutant Empire Omnibus (1997) was simply awesome! You’ll like it if you’re a comics fan but you’ll love it if you’re an admirer of the 90s X-Men Animated Series. I felt like I was watching an arc of the show when I was reading these three entertaining stories.

The plot was amazing, the characterisation was top-notch and the only difference that I had noted between these novels and the show was that the former were more adult-orientated as of course it wasn’t a cartoon designed for kids.

There were two flaws that I found both with Book #2 Sanctuary and Book #3 Salvation. One was that there were too many characters. Secondly, there was an overabundance of side plots. I felt that these aspects would have been handled better in the graphic format.

Nevertheless, Christopher Golden’s X-Men Mutant Empire Omnibus is a must-read especially for enthusiasts of the comics. It’s just sad that the last two entries were not perfect like their predecessor, again, due to having an excessive number of individuals and an inordinate amount of subplots.

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