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A Catch In Time: Chapter One Review

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A Catch In Time: Chapter One is a short film by Christopher Alan Broadstone whose Human No More feature film we reviewed earlier this year. Chris brings the same ingenuity to this venture. When Chris first contacted me on social media informing me about Poetrope I was very impressed as not many filmmakers and storytellers get away with the execution of Poe-esque works but C.A. Broadstone is one of the few that does.

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A Catch In Time follows C.A. Broadstone at his finest, the film’s story is difficult to explain for a foreign viewer, and I guess someone with a more intimate understanding of Edgar Allan Poe’s vast variety of works might appreciate his work more, but overall it is a wholly unique experience.

In my opinion, the movie is told in a montage, and the awesome narration is complemented by these ever-changing sequences. You even feel like you’re at sea when waves are shown on the screen.

The actors Julie Zepeda (Tatiana) and Rick Wildridge (Rudolf Hess) do a splendid job with their characters. The audio is really immersive, whether you watch it on a laptop or play it on TV via an Xbox One console it really fills whichever environment you are watching the movie in.

A still from the film

A Catch In Time: Chapter One lives up to its namesake by being a reading of the titular chapter from Christopher Alan Broadstone’s novella collection of the same name. I haven’t read that chapter yet but now I can’t wait to start A Catch In Time: A Macabre Novella & Short Stories.

Overall, if you want horror that lives up to its description, then be sure to check out Christopher Alan Broadstone’s oeuvre comprising of movies, literature and music.

The Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Judas Engine

P.S. The song “Y” by The Judas Engine included in the closing credits is awesome especially if you’re a fan of rock music. Be sure to visit the band’s official site here.

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