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Veena Malik Palm Reading – From Lollywood to Bollywood

Veena Malik is a famous Pakistani TV host and actress. On her palm the Head Line (green) is sloping and long showing her imaginative ability. Her index finger is longer than her ring finger (pink) showing her leadership capabilities.

Her Mount of Jupiter (red) is enlarged showing that she will get good position in life due to famous contacts in the industry. Her Mount of Venus (yellow) is also enlarged showing her to be attractive to others and also making her warm hearted in nature. People with enlarged Mount of Venus usually go into showbiz as it gives one beauty and love of glamour and luxury.

Veena Malik Palm Reading.
Above you can see her at a photoshoot in India. You can clearly notice the eroticism which exhudes from every pore of her body. She didn’t only decide to work in India for money but also to satisfy her base desires.

The Fate Line (blue) starts from wrist which shows she chose her own career path without any advice from others. It also shows that she is a self-made woman. Unfortunately, it ends at head line which shows she made mistakes for which she paid financially. So, the period of 30 to 36 will be difficult for her financially. However, she will recover as rest of the lines are good and show positive times after the age of 36 (she is currently 37 so let’s see how things fare for her from now on).

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